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12th October 2012

Today our Green Schools Committee raised for the first time all three green flag won by the school - water, litter and energy. The flag were raised by Pat jones, representing the staff, Thomas Ganley representing the students and Gary Brady, Longford Co Council (and past pupil who have been so supportive to the school.

We have also launched our campaign for our 4th flag - Transport. To begin this campaign we have established the Moyne Mile, three laps around the school building and the island. This will become a weekly event in the school. Other activities to highlight transport, costs and environmental issues will take place throughout the school year

For more pictures visit our facebook page

Our school has been participating in the Green Schoolsí Programme for the last five years.  This year our
Green Schoolís Committee has applied for renewal of our Green Flag and we also hope to achieve an Energy Flag.

In order to retain our Green Flag the Committee has organized the following:

(1) 1st years - litter duty after break, supervised by Pat, Matt and a member of the studentsí Green Schoolís Committee.

 (2) 2nd years - Competition - each of the second year classes are given a two week slot to pick up litter on the school grounds. Mr McGuckin and two students from the green schools committee inspect the grounds every week and award marks for the different zones. The class who gain the highest mark will get a prize at the end of the school year.

(3) Dining hall will be supervised at lunch times by the Green Schools committee

 (4) Committee - presentations will be made to 1st and 2nd years and posters will be put up around the school to raise awareness during Awareness Week..


Awareness Week

The Green Schools Committee are going to have a Green Schoolís Awareness Week during February.

During this week the following activities will be carried out-

1. Posters will be put up around our school to raise awareness.

2. PowerPoint presentations will be given.

3. Leaflet for teachersí desks which our teachers will read out.

4. Announcements will be made on the intercom by Green Schoolís Committee.

5. Person from Committee will close doors/ switch off lights every day.

6. The dining hall tables will be rearranged and litter wardens (committee) will be on duty at lunch time.


Energy Flag

In order to gain our Energy Flag our Green Schoolís are Committee are doing the following: 

  1.  Environmental Review and Energy Audit.
  1. Awareness Campaign- Posters, closing doors, signs at lights to switch off lights.
  1. Presentation to junior classes.
  1. Insulation, our Principal has overseen the insulation of the exterior walls of our school.
  1. Sub-Committee are busy unblocking radiators.


 Green School Committee Members


Conal Murphy                          Mrs. McLoughlin

Podge Gill                                Ms. Hennigan

Barry Mc Keon                         Mrs Wrynn

Ryan Brady                              Mr. McGuckin

Charlotte Cully                        Ms. Rudden

Siobhan Hebron                       Mrs. Grimes

Daniel Canning                        Mrs. Maguire

Gavin Kiernan                          Ms. Kennedy

Stephen Leddy                          Ms. Killian                               

Shane Smith                              Mr. Pat Jones                

Eoin Mc Nerney                        Mr. Matt Gray

Cormac Oí Brien

Niamh Kiernan

Karen Masterson

Lisa Keighren

Aaron Beirne

Gerard Percival

Joseph Mulligan

Stephen Kenny

Aideen Mimnagh

Lauren Woods

Hilary Egan

Isobelle Gorman

Clare Flynn

Rianne Lynam

Our Green Schoolís Committee has   been divided up into ten sub-committees.


Sub committees 2009-2010

  1. Minutes/Rota: Hilary Egan 
  1. ESB Bills: Claire, Podge, Barry, Conal. 
  1. Oil Bills: Joseph, Charlotte, Stephen. 
  1. Notice Board: Eoin, Shane, Daniel, Stephen. 
  1. Green Flag Presentation and Report: Lauren, Hilary, Rianne 
  1. Energy Flag Presentation: Aaron, Isabelle, Aideen, Cormac, Ryan. 
  1. Dining Hall: Joseph, Ryan, Charlotte, Podge, Stephen, Barry, Conal, Ronan, Stephen K, Cormac, Karen, Niamh, Daniel, Eoin, Aaron
  1. Energy Report: Conal, Ryan, Shane.
  1. Posters: Siobhan, Lisa, Niamh, Karen, Ronan.

  10.   Energy Audit: Aaron, Gerard



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